Luxury Entertainment Systems

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Introducing the Custom Installer.


Who can you trust your home to? Just as you would use an architect to design the construction of your home, you need a specialist to design and integrate your homes electronic systems. With all of the electronic systems and new technologies available, it is vital you use a company that will future-proof your investment in your home. IntelliStream will design a system to fit your budget and assure you the best quality craftsmanship. Our goal has little to do with price, our goal is to provide simply the best equipment, installation, and systems available for every dollar that our customers choose to invest in their homes.

 True Quality at any cost is the cheapest way that we at IntelliStream can insure our future. We take great pride in our designs and installations, and our clients satisfaction. We never compromise our integrity or design.

IntelliStream's total commitment is to provide you with quality service and reliability. We are trained to design and install the latest electronic innovations. You can feel at peace knowing you will receive the highest quality workmanship and competitive pricing.

Our Values

In the systems that we create, we value:

  • High quality, at the best price;
  • Flexibility, capable of accommodating future technological developments; and
  • User friendliness; easy to understand and operate.

In our approach to our work, we value:

  • Educating our clients;
  • Working as part of a larger design and construction team;
  • Creating relationships based on service and trust; and
  • Our integrity

We pride ourselves on our ability to educate our clients.